Long time no posting

Silly of me not to update this blog more often. Since i last posted (and was active on this blog) i've completely changed the direction of my company, basically i had plans to make a Java Bytecode-> C compiler to enable game companies to port their J2ME games to various platforms. Then the iPhone really gained traction and most people abandoned J2ME game development (not negative really!), i also heard from some friends at a company doing some similiar tools about how their time is mostly spent on support (i went on my own to be able to focus on doing products and not support/consulting in the long term) and then Oracle happened (no need to elaborate on that) and that was the final nail in that coffin.

During the time since the last blogging i've also been on leave with my kids and spent some time trying to figure out what to focus on. In the end the most sane choice (even with all competition) seemed to get back into actual game development and try to make some money.

During this time i've made a few game prototypes i'm now in the process of porting one of them to the iPhone. The link to the playable Ant General prototype is here (the performace is sadly bad on FF3 but it should work pretty well on most modern browsers).


fthr said...

Yes, get back to blogging! What's up, should we have another session in stockholm sometime soon ??

Jonas Lund said...

I'll try to keep up the blogging :), as for another session.. well i've decided to put demoscene related stuff on hold to focus on $$$