A blog?

I've not really considered making a blog before, but various events colluded me into starting one (atleast temporarily).

Most importantly my company starts comming closer to actually producing things so having a forum where i can communicate things with the world feels like a good idea. So this will help me to announce things, offer help on common questions, giving out interesting code snippets and lots of other things without complicating things too much.

Running a company has also provided me with many new insights on how the Swedish society works, i'm not gonna go too closely into details here but sometimes you do get an overwhelming urge to write long rants. In this same vein i've also taken a keen interest in entrepreneurial subjects (my second post will actually be about this).

I recently also became a dad and there is always lots of great things for a fresh parent to tell about, but i'm still not sure if i want to communicate about him too much in public as he doesn't really have any say about things at this age.

And well all the other great or not so great reasons for starting a blog.

Now let's get this thing rolling...

ps: the "old blog" that was at this address was actually a test of the systems we had at Squace when i was contracting for them.